Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo and jack-of-all-trades

Zoom H4N

star Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo and jack of all tradesstar Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo and jack of all tradesstar Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo and jack of all tradesstar Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo and jack of all tradeshalfstar Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo and jack of all trades (4.5/5)

Zoom 4HN 300x287 Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo and jack of all tradesThe Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo with features outperforming competitors costing twice as much, offering outstanding value for musicians and podcasters demanding professional sounding results.

The Zoom H4N is a mobile recording jack-of-all-trades including built-in multipattern stereo microphones, 2 full sized professional XLR and ¼ inch microphone jacks, multitude of recording formats and intuitive, tough design.

Measuring 6.5” x 2.75” x 1.5”, the Zoom H4N has the smallest design sparing no features in packing every conceivable option wanted in a portable recorder, with extras including a foam windscreen, mic stand mount, 1 GB SD card, Cubase recording software and power adapter.


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While microphones encased in solid aluminum and a spacious 2” screen are the first details to catch the eye, the Zoom H4N offers lovable little details including an offset record button, felt out easily in the dark and built-in back speaker for recording playback without headphone plug in.

The Zoom H4N offers the easiest menu navigation on a portable recorder, using a simple menu button and scroll wheel off the right side of the recorder.

The everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach of the Zoom H4N feels refreshingly generous, offering hundreds of settings and configurations, which a user valuing simplicity over flexibility may find overwhelming.

Distinguishing the Zoom H4N from its competitors is its 4 channel recording mode, allowing for recording from built-in mics and external mic inputs simultaneously as 2 separate stereo files.


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Zoom H4N Features:

  • 3 main recording modes, i.e., stereo, 4 channel and multitrack recording, with dedicated LED indicators for each mode
  • recording resolution ranges from a max of 24 bit/96 kHz to a low 48 kbps MP3
  • clearly labeled rocker switch for mic gain adjustments
  • recording level overloading prevention available via auto level adjustment, multiple compressor and limiter setting features
  • more professional sound recording with 4 channel recording
  • responsive and easy to operate controls
  • crisp and easy to read display info provided by bright, 2-inch screen display
  • quick recording and headphone level adjustment
  • mic mount attachment eliminates rumbling noises and back soft rubber pads help isolate noise

Zoom 4HN Features Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo and jack of all trades

Zoom H4N Pros & Cons:



  • sturdy & intuitive design
  • quality stereo microphones
  • phantom powered mic inputs
  • records 4 channels simultaneously
  • SDHC-compatible memory card slot
  • low cut filter with frequency selections from 80 Hz to 237 Hz
  • runs off 2 AA batteries with internal settings for performance maximization
  • default mode offers around 6 hours of WAV recording while stamina mode offers up to 11 hours of WAV recording
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  • bulky design
  • non intuitive mixer settings
  • awkwardly placed minijack microphone input
  • absence of a dedicated track-divide button


What People Say about the Zoom H4N:

“I wanted a small recorder to fool around with laying down guitar rhythms, leads and some bass parts all in one recording. The Zoom H4N is perfect for this.

MTR (Multi-Track Recording) mode is a blast! It allows you to record 4 separate tracks independently, and keeps them as one recording. AND, with the “Always New” setting on recording mode, you can record as many TAKES of each track as you want until you get the best one (can do this for each of the 4 tracks).

The Zoom H4N accepts 1/4″ jacks into the 2 bottom inputs, so I have been plugging in the guitars and bass directly into the unit and using some of the 50 preset effect patches (distortion, delay, chorus, vibe, etc). You can modify the effects (e.g. different delay timings) and even create your own custom effects. Addicting!

When recording in MTR mode, you really need to have a pair of headphones to monitor the recordings as you go. Example: set a click track and lay down a rhythm guitar track on track 1. Arm track 2, plug in the bass and lay down the bass track while listening to track 1 at the same time in the headphones. Repeat for solo on track 3, listening to all previous tracks.

When you’ve filled up 4 tracks, use the Bounce function to combine all 4 tracks into 1, and start again with the next 3.

The Zoom H4n What People Say about Zoom H4N Zoom H4N is a mobile recording dynamo and jack of all tradesmanual is for reference only, it does not explain well the capabilities of the H4n. For this, go to you toob and search for videos on the H4n. I went one step further and purchased a tutorial video from proaudiodvds.com, well worth it!” – Robert


“I have always wanted a dedicated voice recorder since I was a wee lad (I just wanted to say wee I promise I won’t do it again). As a comedian, I like to record my sets for later listening and the phone option wasn’t always a good one. I decided to pick this up and it is a great thing I did. Not only is it a voice recorder, but an audio interface. That means if I want to record into my computer with some nicer mics than what is built into my macbook pro I can.

The build quality is pretty nice. It feels nice and sturdy in the hands and the buttons feel like they can withstand a good pressing. I like that you can connect different types of mics into it with the xlrs on the button, you can put a 1/4 inch in there as well, although I haven’t had the need to do that yet.

Sound quality was awesome. And isn’t that the most important part!” – Harry R.



“The quality of the microphones is very crisp. More more low frequency, attach a shotgun mic in one of the other two inputs. There are power saving options with this recorder, including stamina mode, and you can also have it plugged in if you don’t need it to be portable. Record up to four channels at once, and edit each file individually (stereo file, input 1 file, input 2 file). Record in the multi-track mode if you wish, though it is difficult navigating around. It may be more useful to use the H4N as a USB mic, and use Garageband or other software for the multi-track recorder. This product is a MUST HAVE for videographers of all types. It is worth the investment.

I have used this product for over two years now. There was an issue where the battery pack broke in the few months, and it took their customer service over a year to send me a replacement. I would recommend being persistent with their customer service if they do not immediately satisfy your needs. We use the Zoom H4N in all of our videos: http://www.youtube.com/youhippieschannel” – YouHippies




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