Top Four Digital Voice Recorder Types

Digital voice recorders eliminate the need to take down relevant information from what we heard. It is much more convenient since all you need to do is to play it back and forth as needed. Obviously, the main advantage of having a digital voice recorder over taking down notes manually is not a single word or phrase is being skipped.

The digital voice recorder has coped with the advancements in technology. New features are being added with every launch of latest models. Earlier models are made only for recording voice and sounds but now, they are designed to be multi-functional because of its features.

There are several kinds of voice recorders in the market today depending on how it is going to be used. However, there are four main types of voice recorders that are hitting the market.

Mini Digital Voice Recorder – As the name implies, it is very tiny that it can be hardly seen by a naked eye. Its features include wide range of frequency and built-in microphone. With its introduction in the market, it revolutionized the basic concepts in voice recording. This type of voice recorder has real time clock, calendar and weather instruments which operate very discreet.

Wireless Digital Voice Recorder – Same with mini digital recorder, it is handy and very small in size. Some of its features are FM radio, built-in MP3 player, built-in flash player and microphone which is capable of recording within 25-meter area. It comes with rechargeable batteries that can be charged through USB port and built-in speakers for playback.

Pen Digital Voice Recorder – It can be used both for recording and writing as well. Also, it is handy enough that could be kept easily on shirt pockets. The pen-styled digital voice recorder is mostly used by executives, lawyers, professors, students and even detectives. Given its 2GB memory, it can store information for 128 hours.

Phone Digital Voice Recorder – This is the smallest when comes to telephone recording devices. It is capable of recording phone conservations in digital format even if the handset is off the hook. It can be connected to a personal computer and can be uploaded at the same time. Additional features are audio bug detection and MP3 players.

All these devices can be accessed through online retail stores as well as stores with physical location. The decision as to what voice recorder type should be bought largely depends on where you are going to use the voice recorder.

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