Tascam DR-03 is Your Best Recording Buddy

Tascam DR 03 Tascam DR 03 is Your Best Recording BuddyTascam DR-03

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The Tascam DR-03 is a tremendously compact and lightweight digital audio recorder that is ideal for recording lectures, interviews, music practice sessions, and alot more.

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This unit is as small as your pocket and can record WAV or MP3 files with high quality at up to 24-bit/48kHz rates.

The DR-03 can record using the microSD flash readily available memory cards that can allow you to have hours of recording material and you can share it easily to your friends and colleagues.

The product includes a 2GB card for own convenience. The Tascam DR-03 recorder incorporates n included stereo condenser microphone along with an automatic control for microphone level and low cut filter that is switchable. The microphone of Tascam DR-03 also features an automatic recording function plus a limiter so that you can prevent recording distortion.

The 3.5mm stereo microphone or line input makes recording easy because you can connect any instrument or external microphone. While the headphone jack that is 3.5mm can allow you to connect any headphones or any small external speakers for added recording function. An included speaker permits you play back any recordings for your multiple listeners. The 2.0 port USB of DR-03 is a high speed one which allows the transfer of your recordings going to any PC or Mac efficient such as for sharing or editing.

The Tascam DR-03 can be power-driven by two standard AAA batteries or with the use of USB bus power. The Tascam DR-03 recorder includes the following: AAA Batteries, a microSD card, and USB cable so that you can begin recording when the package is right on your door step.

The portable Tascam DR-03 is considered the most affordable recorder Tascam has ever made! The included condenser microphones with high quality can record either MP3 or WAV files towards microSD card media. The 2GB card that is included with the package can allow you to start recording immediately. The Tascam DR-03 packs best quality recording that is up to 48kHz/24-bit. The package is smaller similar to a size of an energy bar. The gadget is available at an affordable price.

Similar to all products from TASCAM, this DR-03 is one of the best-selling portable digital recorders. The DR-03 features functions for playback similar to looping plus the Variable Speed Audition can slow down the music without altering the pitch. The gadget is intended for manipulating low noise as you record during any events such as interviews and concerts. The low cut filter, manual, auto gain settings and analog limiter can assist to stop distortion while recording. Additionally, aside from the built-in microphones of the Tascam DR-03, the 1/8″ mic or line input permits any recording from external microphones, mixers and other sources.

Students, professional musicians, interviewers and videographers alike could use the Tascam DR-03 from TASCAM.

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Tascam DR-03 Product Features:

  • The s tereo condenser microphone design of Tascam DR-03  is Up to 48kHz/24-bit MP3 recording or WAV recording modes.
  • It can save recording using the microSD media.


Tascam DR-03 Pros and Cons:


  • The product has excellent battery life.
  • The Tascam DR-03 has fabulous recording quality.
  • This is a flexible unit for those with busy lifestyle.
  • This DR-03 is lightweight and can be carried whenever and wherever you will go.
  • The device is built with stylish and sleek desing.
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  • It has obsolete technology according to some reviews.


What customers have to say about the Tascam DR-03?

According to Xeph, this device from Tascam is a handy gadget that you can carry anywhere you wanted. However, he experienced some flaws about the product such as the flat recorded sound. But the recorded sound through a mini disk sounds nice with this product. The plus factor with the Tascam DR-03 is the affordable price.

Based on the experience of Bob L, the Tascam DR-03 is a very good product. It is an intuitive product plus it works great. You won’t frustrate yourself when you buy the Tascam DR-03.

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Tascam DR-03 Portable Handheld Recorder

Tascam DR-03 Portable Handheld Recorder

Stereo condenser microphone design Up to 48kHz/24-bit WAV recording or MP3 recording modes Records to microSD media

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