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sony pcm m10r Sony PCMM10R Portable Linear RecorderSony PCMM10R

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Sony PCMM10R is a smaller, yet feature-packed member of Sony’s line of portable digital recorders.

The palm-sized recorder comes with all the bells and whistles to satisfy the professional journalists, musicians and interviewers.

However, its super easy user-interface lets everybody enjoy the best quality sound recording, powered by the twin electrets condenser microphones and a horde of quality enhancing functions and techs.

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Benefits of the Sony PCMM10R:

Top Quality 24-Bit, Stereo Audio Recording

The Sony PCMM10R manages to pull of great quality sound recording, with nice-sounding stereo separation and sound clarity free of background noises and rumbles.

The super-sensitive, Omni-directional pair of electrets condenser microphones captures the sound wide, flat and whole. Plus, the twins are set securely in the recorder’s body and are appropriately oriented so that each captures its own distinct part of sound.

In this way, you get to experience some really nice stereo audio separation along with the brilliant voice clarity and detail.

Simple, Portable & Connectible: Truly, the User’s Best Friend

The Sony PCMM10R perfectly combines its palm-sized portability with great connectivity to maximize its convenience of use. With Sony PCMM10r, it’s good to get plugged and equally good to go unplugged.

The hi-speed USB port is your connection to all things geek, while you can also plug in any analog input/output device if you like. Add a 24-hour battery life to this portable recorder, and it gets really unstoppable. Enjoy!

Check Out This Review For More Info

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Pros and Cons of The Sony PCMM10R:


  • Records in best quality 96 KHz/ 24 Bit format.
  • Twin Omni-directional condenser microphones render wide, flat-frequency sound capturing with high sensitivity.
  • The stereo separation sounds great with this recorder.
  • Analog input / output connectivity for increased recording and playback efficiency.
  • Hi-speed USB port allows you to listen, sync, save and manage your recordings on computer.
  • The recorder supports MicroSDs and Memory-Stick-Micros for increasing the storage capacity.
  • PCM-M10 has a long battery life with up to 24 hours of recording time.
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  • The PCM-M10 lacks onboard track-editing feature.
  • The plastic casing is not as sturdy as the metallic alternatives.


  • Weight:                                                                 6.6 Ounces.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d):                                  2 ½” x 4 ½” x 7/8”.
  • Memory:                                                             4GB / Flash.
  • MicroSD Support:                                             Yes
  • Memory Stick Micro (M2) Support:          Yes
  • Compatible Formats (Playback):                 wav, mp3, wma, m4a.
  • Battery Life:                                                        24 hrs, 19 hrs @ 96 KHz/24-bit.

Lets Take A Look At What Owners Have To Say

Terry R. – Seattle

Terry starts out his review by stating that the sonic attributes of the Sony pcmm10r are exemplary. He also says that the auto recording is well though out and goes into great depth about how simple the recorder is to use.

He was a little dissapointed that you could not name the tracks with the recorder. Instead the recorder date stamps the tracks. However, he really liked the on board mike and said the quality was very good. He has many positive things to say regarding the Sony PCMM10R recorder and closes his review by giving the recorder 5 stars.

Review Paraphrased for size – view full review here.

J. M. – Seattle

He starts out his review with the bold statement that the Zoom H4 is a benchmark recorder, but the Sony PCMM10r blows it away. He loves the size and handling of the recorder. He also says that the sound quality is night and day compared to the H4.

One feature he really likes is the fact that the screen is very large and easy to read. He also continues on to say that the recorder is very easy to use and gives the Sony pcmm10r a full five star review.

Review Paraphrased for size – view full review here.


My Verdict:

The Sony PCMM10r delivers brilliant recording performance, gift-wrapped in its palm-sized portability and intuitive user-interface. Grab this glossy red Sony PCMM10R recorder if you want superior quality rendered with convenience.

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Sony PCM-M10 Portable Digital Recorder Glossy Red (Glossy Red)

Sony PCM-M10 Portable Digital Recorder Glossy Red (Glossy Red)

A palm-sized, professional recorder with full-sized performance.

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