Product Review on Tascam DP008 Digital Portastudio Recorder

74668 Product Review on Tascam DP008 Digital Portastudio RecorderWith the use tascam dp-008 review on the product Tascam DP008 Digital Portastudio Recorder you can give concentration to your own music not with the recording procedure. This 8 track digital Portastudio can confine HD CD-quality audio type wherever you are. You can record two songs at the same time and work with equal to eight tracks within a multi-track task with the use of a SD memory card.

You can employ incorporated microphones to take hold of ideas, or plug condenser microphones into the XLR plugs otherwise plug your guitar easily in to arrange tracks. For tight-sounding tracks there’s even the built-in metronome as well as chromatic tuner. The DP008 in addition permits you to rebound tracks in order to make extra room for more, plus making editing as well as undoing recordings a stress-free.

All the tracks and features are included in tascam dp-008 review have its individual row of buttons intended for effects, level and pan. The effects button sends in the direction of a built-in processor to stereo reverb along with hall, stage, room, and other types of effects. It has EQ designed to modify the sound of mix. As the song is completed you can combine it with intended stereo track as you ride and flip with these tracks. You can export your tracks as a mix or a WAV file.

This Tascam DP008 Digital Portastudio Recorder is an 8 track digital Port Studio recorder that is adequately small to fit in a case like of a guitar. Its features such as included mixing, devoted knobs for track’s pan and volume, and also a reverb transmit knob designed for the fitted reverb effects. The following are Tascam DP008 Portastudio Digital Recorder Features:

  • Has 8 track Digital Portastudio
  • Has 2 track synchronized recording
  • Includes 2 XLR microphones with phantom supremacy
  • Comprise of two 1/4 inch input line, one which is switchable to levels of guitar for nonstop recording
  • 1/4 inch input as footswitch for easy punch-in recording
  • RCA row outputs
  • 1/8 inch stereo system headphone output
  • Includes four AA type batteries or an optional PS-P520 power supply
  • Has chromatic tuner plus metronome features
  • Includes stereo reverb outcome on send or return path
  • Has Level, Pan as well as 2-band EQ controls for every channel
  • 44.1kHz or 16-bit digital recording resolution
  • Up to 32GB supported records to SD otherwise SDHC Card media
  • 2.0 backup USB linking to your computer and for track or mix down export
  • Includes USB cable, 2GB SD Memory Card, and AA batteries
  • Has included stereo electrets condenser microphones
  • Backlit HD LCD display

As TASCAM celebrates its 30 years of Port studio recording, Tascam DP008 Digital Portastudio Recorder designed for every musician. This DP-008 from TASCAM captures two CD-qualities HD audio or tracks at a time.

With tascam dp-008 review has brought in new being in your bedroom studio. Being true to what these product promises, Tascam has maintained things be simple, although it has as well given this little product sufficient trimmings to provide distinct hub for a right home studio. The product is a great value proposition plus exemplifies how the newest digital technology could truly lift up traditional approaches towards songwriting. Customer reviews found it simple to employ, and the manner of mastering it is uncomplicated to control. It has a normalize feature, for tracking separate tracks, as well as to remain all recorded songs at identical levels. It would be nicer that all mastered tracks can be exported simultaneously.

TASCAM has invented the latest home recording studio by means of the unique cassette Portastudio. Its DP008 takes initiative as it brings ease-of-use especially to those common songwriting tools plus it adds portability, digital quality sound, effects as well as mixdown to take home recording to the 21st century. Make your recording workflow easier with Tascam DP008 Digital Portastudio Recorder.

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TASCAM DP-008 8-Track Digital Portastudio

TASCAM DP-008 8-Track Digital Portastudio

  • 8-track digital Portastudio with 2-track simultaneous recording capabilities
  • Records to SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32 GB in size; comes with 2 GB SD card
  • Each track has its own row of knobs for level, pan and effects
  • Built-in metronome and chromatic tuner for tight-sounding tracks
  • Powered by four AA batteries or optional power supply


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