Portable Digital Recorders Questions & Answers

  • Why do you need a portable digital recorder?

A portable digital recorder is a handy device that captures sound recordings for a variety of personal or professional purposes. You may need a digital recorder to accomplish a number of tasks, most specifically in recording music, interviews, classroom lectures, meeting discussions, and dictations.


  • What features should I look for in a portable digital recorder?

Most portable digital recorders work through a number of features; however the best models available have standard features such as mobility, high speed USB connectivity, internal microphones, excellent battery life, different playback modes, and good storage capacizoom h2 handy1 150x150 Portable Digital Recorders Questions & Answersty. USB storage allows you to save not only audio files but documents and images as well.

A user friendly digital recorder is also an advantage especially for students and journalists. The 3.8-ounce Zoom H2 Handy Recorder for example works through a four-microphone system for high quality recordings and has a built-in USB for easy file storage and transfers.


  • How important are microphones in a digital recorder?

The quality, size, and number of microphones contained in a portable digital recorder significantly determines its ability to capture clear, ausony pcmm102 150x150 Portable Digital Recorders Questions & Answersdible, and high-quality recordings. Some of the most reliable models, such as the Sony PCMM10, are equipped with twin stereo electret condenser microphones that result in super sound recordings.


If you require external microphones however, it’s best to go for digital recorders with external microphone hook ups or models which are equipped with external microphones for noise cancellation purposes.

  • How much should I pay for a digital recorder?

Portable recorders are priced anywhere from less than $30 to higher than $500. The more expensive models are loaded with more advanced features, so it’s still best to go by your recording requirements. The Sony ICD-BX800 priced at less than $30 may sound like a great steal, but with no USB port, downloading audio files can be a tough job. On the other hand, the Sony PCMM10R Portable Linear Recorder priced at $244.95 features high-speed USB port, 4GB of internal memory, and includes a built-in speaker and electret condenser stereo microphones.


  • Which digital recorders are best for recording music?

If you will be using your portable digital recorder mainly for music purposes it’s important for the device to have at least 2 built-in microphones for better-quality recording. Frequency response features are also valuable in measuring sound reproduction starting from the lowest to the highest tones. Since music recordings need to be of high quality, a digital recorder that offers ample recording time is a wise choice.


  • What type of digital recorder should I choose for lectures and note taking?olympus ls 101 150x150 Portable Digital Recorders Questions & Answers

Some of the features to look for in a digital recorder used primarily for note taking are excellent recording time, reliable battery life, and large built-in microphones for superior sound quality. An easy to use and reasonably-priced product is also an advantage, especially for students. For journalists, a compact, easy-to-carry but heavy duty model such as the Olympus LS-10 PCM Recorder delivers top-notch recording capabilities with its 2GB memory and long-lasting battery life.

  • How much recording time should my portable digital recorder have?

Although there are digital recorder models which allow you up to 200 hours of recording time, it’s important to note how recording time is influenced by the quality of the recording itself. High quality recording means that there are fewer recording hours available. When buying digital recorders it is best to make sure how much recording time is available for quality recording so you can expect only the best results.


  • Are there accessories you need in using a portable digital recorder?

Most, if not all, portable digital recorders are sold alongside a range of accessories, including AA batteries, AC power adapter, USB cord, SD cards, and protective casings among others. External microphones are useful in a variety of instances, especially in high-quality music recordings.


  • How much memory capacity should your portable digital recorder have?

At least 2GB of memory support is good enough, although some of the most reliable models nowadays possess onboard memory of up to 4GB or 8GB, such as the Edirol R-09 HR High Resolution Portable Recorder. With an extra SD card slot, the Zoom H2 Handy Recorder can accommodate up to 16GB in memory.


  • Which are the top portable digital recorder brand names?

Some of the top manufacturer names in portable digital recorders include Sony, Tascam, Zoom, Olympus, Edirol, and Yamaha.


  • Who benefits the most from a portable digital recorder?

    A portable digital recorder can be used for a variety of sound recording purposes but this handy, digital device has been proven most useful for the following people:


    • Musicians
    • Journalists
    • Students
    • Businessmen
    • Researchers
    • Doctors and lawyers for dictation purposes


    • Where can I buy portable digital recorders?

    While portable digital recorders are sold in many gadget and appliance stores, a wide range of models from some of the most trusted names in digital recorders are also available online. You will find different digital recorder models from Sony, Zoom, Olympus and Tascam through trusted vendors on the web.

    By reading up on product reviews and checking out product ratings from buyers and other consumers moreover, you improve your chances of finding the portable digital recorder that has all the features you need.

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