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Olympus ds 2 Olympus DS 2 ReviewOlympus DS-2

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The benefits of electronic voice recorders from Olympus DS-2 are superior audio, lengthy recording occasions, and also the comfort of built-in memory.

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The Olympus DS-2 is a lot handy compared to hauling about a number of microcassettes.

With the Olympus DS-2, you can enter the high-performance recording, which tends to make expert interviewing and dictation simple and effective.

With 64 MB of inner memory delivering as much as 22 hours of complete recording time in Lengthy Perform mode, the Olympus DS-2 gadget is fantastic for archiving lengthy conferences or lectures, or for studying large tasks that need dozens of interviews.

Customers also possess the option of recording at a number of other speeds using the Olympus DS-2, which includes intense high-quality modes that provide far much less recording time (as small as 1 hour and 5 minutes) but a lot much better audio resolution. The latter modes are much more appropriate for recording gentle voices or when using down complicated tune ideas–a procedure that is additional assisted from the built-in stereo microphone made to choose up all sides of the conversation with equal clarity. You can read further about Olympus DS-2 Review.

The Olympus DS-2 is really a breeze to make use of due to its simple front panel, from which customers can rapidly enter or transfer files. The recorder includes 5 folders, every able to keeping 199 files, set the alarm, or alter the recording mode. Multitasking customers may also delight within the voice activation perform, which allows hands-free recording when you are active using notes. Voice activation with Olympus DS-2 can also save battery lifestyle by turning off when no audio is detected. And whenever you just do not have time for you to go to towards the particulars around the spot, you are able to set the Olympus DS-2 to file instantly more than a set span. Merely enter the beginning and finish occasions and also the timer perform is prepared to go.

And although the Olympus DS-2 is mainly a recorder, the package deal includes DSS Participant software program for modifying and archiving files. The software program provides a pleasant method to delete lengthy silences, get rid of little speak, or mix two little but associated passages into 1 big assertion. Customers then can transfer all the files that they file in high-compressions DSS and also WMA formats into a Computer or Mac through the integrated USB docking stations and cables. As soon as transferred, you are able to conserve them in perpetuity whilst freeing up the inner memory to file other interviews or conferences.

Extra functions of Olympus DS-2 consist of backlit LCDs display that exhibits the date, battery life, time, and much more. It includes three 5mm headphones and also microphone jacks for additional versatility; and a number of fundamental and superior playback choices, which includes sluggish, quick, skip, and repeat. And greatest of all, the number of features arrives packed inside a chassis that matches conveniently inside your hand or pocket–quite in contrast to the cumbersome tape recorders of yesteryear. The Olympus DS-2, which also includes a pair of earphones along with a carrying situation, runs for 18 hours on the solitary pair of AAA batteries and carries a one-year guarantee.


Olympus DS-2 Product Features:

  • This Olympus DS-2 is a digital voice recorder that is compatible along with 64 MB internal memory as well as docking station for USB.
  • The Olympus DS-2 has recording time that is up to 22 hours on LP mode with a total speed of 12 levels.
  • All 5 files of Olympus DS-2 hold 199 files which include software for DSS Player editing.
  • The USB dock of Olympus DS-2 can be connected to PC or Mac for transferring files or hands free recording.
  • The AAA batteries of Olympus DS-2 can produce 18 hours recording.


Olympus DS-2 Pros and Cons:


  • Olympus DS-2 has a timer that allows to record at a specified recording time.
  • With Olympus DS-2, you can fast and straightforward transfer files from one folder to another.
  • It has memory that has enough recording space.
  • The Olympus DS-2 has playback speed that is 2x faster than other recorder.
  • You can adjust mic sensitivity with the Olympus DS-2.
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  • Data are lost when the battery is low or worst, empty.



What customers have to say about the Olympus DS-2?

According to Mr. Erb, this product called Olympus DS-2 has fantastic audio quality and great recording time. He purchased the product with the intent of replacing his older recorder and he was amazed of the outcome. It has reasonable size for a digital recorder plus you can have configurable voice recording.

Based on the experience of M. Byard, this Olympus DS-2 is a device that is compatible to Macintosh. He loves the fact that the website has a lot of technical support which enables him to get fantastic reviews and info regarding the Olympus DS-2. Moreover, the Olympus DS-2 can make superb sound quality.

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Olympus DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus DS-2 Digital Voice Recorder

  • Compact digital voice recorder with 64 MB of internal memory and USB docking station
  • Up to 22 hours of recording time in LP mode; 12 total speed levels (8 fast playback and 4 slow playback)
  • Each of 5 file folders holds 199 files; includes DSS Player editing software
  • USB dock connects to Mac or PC for file transfers; voice activation for hands-free recording
  • 18 hours of operation on 2 AAA batteries (included); 1.48 by 4.8 by 0.69 inches (W x H x D)

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